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Aqua Guard PF Perforated Plate Screen - Keysville, VA


Upgrade/expansion from 250,000 gpd to 500,000 gpd.

B&B Consultants, South Hill, VA Heyward Incorporated, representative.



Aqua Guard PF Perforated Plate Media Screen, installed in January 2005 Width 1.5 feet Discharge height 9 feet Openings 6 mm PROGRESS: Aqua Guard PF installed over channel – Mounting complete, and grout to be added to base – Rotopress® Compactor not mounted yet.

• Influent channel with recess for Aqua Guard PF to increase capacity and reduce build up

• Lifting lugs at base of screen Neoprene seal at edges of channel

• Hinged access port on front of screen

• Gasket on inspection port

• Elastomer latch on inspection port

• Perforated Plate Media Screen