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Rotoshear Internally Fed Rotating Drum Screen - Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.


When Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. decided to build the new Warrens cranberry receiving facility in Tomah, Wisconsin, they needed a cost effective method to prevent nozzle plugging on the cranberry receiving pool showers to allow water recycling. Static screens had been used to protect shower nozzles in other plants, but they were judged inappropriate for the Warrens plant, which was designed to handle 420,000 lbs. of cranberries per hour. The anticipated flow rate of 5,000 GPM for each of three receiving pools would require six 72" wide static screens using up to 190 ft2 of valuable space per pool. Too many man hours would be needed to keep the static screens clean.


Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. elected to install one HRS60120 Rotoshear® unit equipped with 0.060" screen openings in lieu of six static screens for each receiving pool. Each screening unit occupies only 73 ft2 of space and can be automatically cleaned with a built-in shower system. Recovered solids are land spread nearby.


The operating people at the Warrens plant are happy with the receiving pool recycling system and the performance of their three Rotoshear® screens. After two seasons of use, only four or five out of sixty pool shower nozzles have required cleaning, and the manpower to maintain and operate each screen is minimal. Using one screen per pool also simplified the piping layout, which saved design time, construction cost and maintenance time and cost.


Design Data
Application: Clean-up from precooked breaded food processing
Equipment: Three (3) Rotoshear screens, Model HRS60120 x 0.060" to handle 5,000 GMP each 
Flow: 15,000 GPM recovered solids are land spread
Recovered solids are land spread