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Treatment Plant Operator- Neither Construction nor Chaos Could Stop These Operators

10.25.2016    /    Clipping
Silent Hero Award winners soldier on through multiple challenges to help a major Nova Scotia wastewater treatment project come in on time and under budget.


They were indispensable. Five professionals kept on going amid the chaos of building a new wastewater treatment plant in Nova Scotia, working around the existing facility without missing a beat.

With a combined 85-plus years’ experience, the operations team was essential in shepherding the $64 million project that expanded and upgraded the Eastern Passage Wastewater Treatment Facility in Halifax, ensuring discharge of clean water into Halifax Harbour.

For performing under such challenging conditions, the Halifax Water crew earned the 2015 Silent Hero Award from the Atlantic Canada Water & Wastewater Association, a section of AWWA. Launched in 2005, the award goes to operators from the Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland/Labrador areas who go beyond the call of duty to serve their communities.

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