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Parkson Launches Separations and ENR Center of Excellence

12.05.2011    /    News

Parkson has created a new Center of Excellence (COE) for Separations and ENR that builds on the strength of the newly redesigned Lamella® EcoFlow™ and DynaSand® EcoWash™. These long-running Parkson product lines have been redesigned to use less energy and reduce equipment costs for our customers.

“The challenge was to take a 40-year-old technology and find a way to improve it and make it new again,” said Russ Cook, Director of Process Engineering and Quality. “And we did that with both DynaSand® and Lamella®.”

The new Lamella® Gravity Settler features a modified feed slot that utilizes the full 100% of the settling area, as opposed to only 80% with the original design. This translates into higher quality effluent, a 25% increase in flow and a 20% savings on equipment costs.

Similarly, improvements to the DynaSand® design have resulted in a 60-90% improvement in energy efficiency. With the formation of the COE for Separations and ENR, Parkson hopes to continue developing more knowledge about these processes and find new solutions for our customers.

The team includes Lamella® Product Manager Madhavi Batchu, DynaSand® Product Manager Marianna Novellino and Commercial Leader Brett McQuade.