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New Parkson Video Shows How Commitment to Innovation and Company Culture Provides a Solid Foundation for Success

02.09.2021    /    Press release

Video touches on the importance of teamwork and drive to help create a positive environmental impact


Parkson Corporation, a leading provider of water and wastewater treatment equipment and solutions, announced today the release of a new video highlighting their commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of employees and the world by improving the treatment and conservation of water.

The story is told by Parkson employees who share the history and driving forces behind their efforts. In business for over 60 years, Parkson’s success is attributed to pillars such as innovation, commitment, and corporate culture. Parkson has led the market with such innovations as the Lamella® Gravity Settler, Aqua Guard® Bar Screen, Biolac® activated sludge process, and the DynaSand® Filter, and more recently with the expansion of the Aqua Caiman® Articulating Rake Screen line and attached growth biological processes (TumbleOx™ Bioreactor and IGNITE™). These achievements are made possible as part of a family-owned business, comprised of a passionate team committed to Parkson’s core philosophy of “Treating Water Right."

Michael Hill, President and CEO of Parkson, shares, “Our goal for this new video was to share our team’s enthusiasm about the investments we are making to better serve our customers, all within the context of our unwavering commitment to create positive impacts for people and the environment.”

Visit Parkson’s YouTube channel for additional videos and be sure to subscribe, share and comment. Contact Lydia Ebert at with any inquiries.