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Combi® Package Headworks System& Septic Receiving Station

The Hycor® Combi® is an all-in-one package headworks system that integrates fine screening, screenings dewatering and grit handling in a single, pre-fabricated, stainless steel unit.

The system is designed for sewage or septage pretreatment at the wastewater treatment plant, and it integrates perfectly with a septage receiving station. All components are engineered for proper interface, low maintenance, optimal throughput and simple, reliable operation. There are a variety of options available to meet site-specific requirements.

Fine screens are available in opening sizes of 1/8” (3mm) or 1/4” (6mm) diameter to meet your needs.

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Features & Benefits

Improved function

Complete pre-engineered and packaged headworks
suitable for small flows and septage treatment combining screening and grit removal

Reduced Maintenance

Shaftless spiral in-channel screen and screening dewatering
is non-clogging and reduces maintenance time and costs

Water drop with leaves

Stainless steel tank
with heavy duty carbon steel spirals increase durability and life span

Water drop

Grit removal in aerated or non-aerated tank
with grit elevating spiral moves grit to discharge

Water drop with leaves

Completely enclosed system with covers 
minimizes offensive odors

Reduced Maintenance

Options for control sequencing
monitor load, measure flow, decrease maintenance requirements, and make data safe and easily accessible to haulers; Security system, pH sensor, Magnetic flow meter


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