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Oil and gas industry

The Oil & Gas industry (including petrochemical) is key for the development of any country and must rely on top technologies to perform. These technologies include water treatment, a vital resource to the industry. Almost all industry processes require water, including cooling and steam generation, and technologies to treat the wastewater generated on these processes. Parkson Corporation has been an industry partner for decades, providing the best technologies, services, and reliable equipment built to exceed the most demanding conditions of the industry.

Parkson continues to invest in development and innovation, even with some technologies which have been in use for over 40 years. Our technologies include everything from screens to remove plastic pellets (nurdles), to Lamella clarifiers and DynaSand and Fuzzy Filters to treat influent surface water or to be used in combination for water recovery of cooling tower blowdown to other process streams.  Parkson can also provide Oil/Water separators to remove free oil to the most complex biological treatment including Biolac, EcoCycle SBR and Equanox systems.

Hundreds of industry installations throughout the years attest to the quality and reliability that Parkson Corporation brings to any project.

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