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High-Quality Aeration and Mixing Systems

At Parkson, we offer several types of aeration and mixing systems and can design a system that best fits any project requirements. Whether it is aerating and mixing activated sludge basins, holding tanks, lagoons, or any other application, Parkson has a system that will provide effective and efficient performance. Let our experienced design team work with you to evaluate specific project needs and come up with a solution that best fits the application.

Explore Our Aeration System Options

Parkson offers several types of aerators, each with specific advantages. The VariOx jet aeration system offers independent control of aeration and mixing. This is ideal for biological nutrient removal applications where tank zones need to operate continuously in complete mix mode with aeration varied or turned off completely. If reduced maintenance is a priority, the FRP construction of the jet aerators offers years of operation with no scheduled maintenance or replacement of the FRP components. 

The RetrievOx diffused aeration system offers the efficiency of fine bubble aeration with the ability to retrieve the diffuser grids for maintenance without dewatering the basin. This can provide operators the ability to keep the plant in full operation while doing routine maintenance. 

If high efficiency is a priority, the HiOx Messner panel is one of the most efficient designs on the market. The ultra fine bubble aeration can provide energy savings of 20% - 30% over conventional aeration systems. The large panel design also reduces installation time and costs. 

To learn more about our aeration technologies visit the product pages below. 




Jet Aerator
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VariOx Jet Aeration


Wastewater Aeration System
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RetrievOx™ wastewater aeration system with floating mixer and DynaCanter floating decanter