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Biological Solutions 

With hundreds of installations and years of experience, Parkson is an industry leader in providing treatment solutions for municipal and industrial clients. From basic activated sludge systems to complete biological nutrient removal processes, Parkson has a solution. Combined with Parkson's DynaSand filtration, systems are available to meet the most stringent effluent quality requirements with plants achieving less than 3.0 mg/l total nitrogen and 0.03 mg/l phosphorus. 

Choosing the Best Fit

Inherent biological nutrient removal makes the EcoCycle SBR a good choice for plants needing to meet current or future nitrate and phosphorus limits. The ability to provide all treatment steps in the same tank makes the SBR simple to design and operate with minimal equipment to maintain. Since no clarifiers are used, the system requires minimal footprint with reduced overall construction costs when compared to conventional treatment processes. Time based control gives the operator flexibility to easily make process adjustments as conditions change. 

The earthen basin construction of the Biolac process reduces overall construction costs, making it one of the most economical solutions in terms of capital cost per gallon treated. The floating aeration chain design gives operators the ability to access the aeration equipment while keeping the basin fully operational. The optional WaveOx control strategy allows for nitrate removal in the process without separate anoxic tanks or compartments. 

For customers with high strength waste, the Equanox Systems product line offers effective treatment solutions. The EquaReact process allows for flow equalization and treatment to occur in the same tank, optimizing tank volumes and energy efficiency. The EquaCel process utilizes dissolved air flotation in conjunction with activated sludge treatment for highly loaded wastes. The EquaJet system combines pumps for jet aeration and nitrate recycle to reduce equipment scope and allow the system to operate with high nitrate recycle rates without adding energy costs. 

To learn more about our biological technologies visit the product pages below.



Granite AGS

Parkson’s Aerobic Granular Sludge System
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Parkson’s Aerobic Granular Sludge System


Long Sludge Age Treatment Process
Cover Page Image Media
Aerial view of a Biolac® Aerated Lagoon System

EcoCycle SBR™

Sequencing Batch Reactor
Cover Page Image Media
EcoCycle SBR


Continuous Fill Sequencing Batch Reactor
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Schreiber CSR

Continuously Sequencing Reactor
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Schreiber Continuously Sequencing Reactor (CSR)


Floating Decanter
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DynaCanter Floating Decanter


Cover Page Image Media
TumbleOx Bioreactor


Integrated Nitrification Process
Cover Page Image Media
Parkson installation featuring enhanced lagoon treatment with IGNITE integrated nitrification process


Equalized Nutrient Removal System
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Municipal installation featuring the EquaReact® equalized nutrient removal system


High Efficiency Nitrogen Removal System
Cover Page Image Media
EquaJet nitrogen removal system


Pretreatment and Equalization Process
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EquaCel Biological Nutrient Removal System installation