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DynaSand Denite Continuous Contact Filtration (CCF)

The DynaSand® D2 filtration system achieves enhanced effluent quality by providing a two-stage filtration system when targeting water quality, originally thought only possible via membrane filtration. This provides proven performance and reliability for:

  • Desalination
  • RO pretreatment (SDI < 3)
  • Ultra-low phosphorus (< 0.02 mg/l)

The system is based on a modular design where each module consists of two continuous self-cleaning DynaSand® filters. The first stage filter uses larger sand grain size to give it more solids-handling capacity and employs the DynaSand® CCF process known as continuous contract filtration. In this process, coagulation and separation take place within the filter bed and produce a very high-quality filtrate.

The second filter acts as a polishing filter, using smaller sand size and provides higher removal efficiencies. The third component of the D2® system is a Lamella® Gravity Settler which treats reject from both filters to reduce reject rate to 0.5% of the forward flow.

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Features & Benefits

Improved function

NEW segmented airlift
split into 3 manageable sections for easy installation

Improved function

HDPE airlift option
provides robust design with excellent wear resistance

Improved function

Two-stage filtration
yields ultra-low effluent quality 

Water drop

Backwash recycle
provides > 98% recovery rate 

Water drop with leaves

Regulatory certifications
allow for drinking water applications 

Water drop

Extensive validation testing
demonstrates membrane equivalent water quality 


DynaSand D2
DynaSand D2
DynaSand® EcoWash®
New DynaSand Segmented Airlift available with HDPE