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Rotoshear Internally Fed Rotating Drum Screen / Helixpress Dewatering Screen Conveyor - Anheuser Busch


In an effort to control the increasing cost of utilities, AnheuserBusch installed anaerobic pretreatment at more than half of its twelve domestic breweries.

In 1999, the Houston brewery commissioned its pretreatment system, which incorporated several novel technologies. One of these was the Rotoshear® screen.

A major consideration in the system design was the control of coarse solids, such as grain and label pulp, in brewery wastewater. Ineffective solids screening will negatively impact the biological process.

Anheuser-Busch used several other screen designs in earlier systems, but was not satisfied with performance, reliability and maintenance costs. Anheuser-Busch employees visited a Rotoshear® installation at a malt house in order to evaluate this equipment. The screen was efficient, operated automatically, was neat and clean, and only required periodic routine maintenance.


Based on its research, the brewery selected the Rotoshear® screen for its ability to handle continuous large flows, peak surges, and a variety of solids. The Rotoshear® is also automatic and would not require a dedicated operator. With this, Anheuser-Busch specified a Rotoshear® screen to Paques, Inc. whom they commissioned to design and install the entire system. Rotoshear® Screens — Industrial Helixpress® Dewatering Presses — Industrial “Solids control” — an integral part of brewery’s pretreatment system Application Report Heavy-duty Rotoshear® screens and Helixpress® dewatering presses control solids in the pretreatment system.

Two Rotoshear® screens, Model HRS6096MHD x 0.040", were selected. The engineer specified heavy-duty units for the flow, which averaged 3000 GPM per unit, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and the exclusive Parkson medlow headboxes to handle the high concentrations of solids. In addition, the screen had automatic sprays that were set to wash the cylinder down during operation.