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The SBR system includes the two concrete tanks on the left. The large metal tank (shown while under construction) includes the post-equalization basin and two digesters.

Treatment Plant Operator- Finding a Productive Package for a Wastewater Plant Upgrade

11.01.2017    /    Clipping

A sequencing batch reactor plant in a rural Tennessee county provides an operator-friendly process that yields quality effluent and saves energy.


The Moore County (Tennessee) Utility Department needed a new wastewater treatment plant. Its continuous-flow activated sludge package plant was showing its age; when it needed repairs, parts were hard to find.

In 2013, Rick Garland, utility manager, began planning a replacement. Construction started in early 2016, and a new sequencing batch reactor (SBR) plant went online on Feb. 1, 2017, with a design flow of 0.4 mgd and an average flow of 0.3 mgd.

The department chose an EcoCycle SBR from Parkson Corp. with a five-step, fill-and-draw activated sludge process. All treatment steps occur within the system’s two tanks. Garland and operator Amy Smith have found the new process easy to operate, energy efficient, and effective in meeting permit requirements for BOD, TSS, and ammonia for discharge to Mulberry Creek, a tributary of the Elk River.

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