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Aqua Rhino Escalating Screen

Parkson Corporation Features Latest Water Processing Technology in Aqua Rhino™ Video

05.09.2018    /    Press release

Robust headworks screen built through innovation and smart design


Parkson Corporation is pleased to announce the release of a new video featuring the Aqua Rhino™ In-Channel Escalating Screen – a durable headworks screen used to treat water and wastewater in both municipal and industrial applications.

This video provides a simple overview of the screen’s creation, function, features and benefits. From the beginning, Parkson engineers took it a step further by working with a leading design firm to rethink the industry standard step style screen from the ground up. They reviewed current offerings on the market and improved upon the common weak points. The result is the most durable escalating screen out there – the Aqua Rhino.

With frame rails and lifting blades that are 50% thicker than leading competitors, a direct drive system that eliminates the typical chain and sprocket problems, and the ability to treat flows up to 80MGD, this screen is ideal for a wide range of municipal and industrial screening applications and will provide ultimate protection to downstream process equipment. Incorporating use of 3-D graphics and installation photos and video, see how this screen was designed and manufactured to be robust and maintenance friendly.

To view the Aqua Rhino video and other Parkson product related videos check out Parkson's YouTube channel, subscribe and look for additional videos to come soon. For any additional information, please contact Lydia Ebert at or post in the YouTube video comments section.